Sunday, October 26, 2008

Phili cheesesteck

Phili cheesesteck, at jIM'S not so good. Baseball is big with red caps . I have a red cap. Amish girls at the market. Rodin's Gates of Hell and other R. It rained last night. I an already ready to in home. But i made my Pilgrimage... my Haj"".

i saw the " large Glass " in the sunset. watched it transperant through a moving room.
saw my question and riddled the answer.
little did i know that behind me , around the secret wall, was his last work.
Marcel Duchamp's last work. the waterfall '' the Illuminated GAs!""

Now the voyeur is the artist.
Now the artist murders, accessory after the fact.
a conspiracy Post-modern.
no mystery to dispel. The dead die cold never the less.

Kudos supper to the girl from Phili,
the Barnes and the Phili Fans who would be brothers.
and ernie and his lover for the fine abode.!!!\
thanks thank you so much.

eternal love always