Friday, December 22, 2006

winter solstice

the winter solstice . Though we think November the coldest month. Not till January comes do we soon forget freezing to death.
Whether on the walk back from Moscow or stranded in Stalingrad.The sons and fathers and children they left .
It is first day of winter
The troops in Baghdad or Afghanistan or lost in time .
Whose Christmas is it any way?. Those mom.s and wife's their Christmas, painful without the sons and dads, left to do a job that even the emperor has abandoned.
few. Did Roosevelt's polo help? Does suffering temper the emperor to empathize with the souls and flesh and blood that suffers his decision?
The infantry , the artillery .. the hundred thousands sons and fathers in the snow or sands , of the winter of politics and demise?
To all the troops . an earnest empathetic Merry Christmas!