Friday, December 01, 2006

hiv aids day 2oo6

at least ten years since the hey day here in san francisco. The news of friends or associates deaths starting to thin out then. Needle exchange were the norm and the Brave dared to bring " bare backing back into fashion. Lots of friends of friends went with the times in that fashion..death by aids in hospital.. or self suicide. My direct invlolment was my hiv infected "wife" of three or so years {was it five?] .
we loved , and fucked and shared every possibe boddily fluid.. event relapse IV... mixing up the syringes by accident and even knowing on one incident seeing the blood of her last shot in the tube.. having all but dope hunger and the cure in the tube with the blood.. knowing .. deciding ... and shooting any way.
i survived the holocaust.. of the " epidemic" no virus. MY wife ? she would be happy and blond and some t cells if she could stay of the coke and dope. I phone here every year or so.
working with ACT UP and other groups through the years... hospitals and the inflicted. The huge medical/pharmaceutical industry drive of the extent of the epidemic cannot be denied. They make billions. But the people are still dead. The Nonprofits profit nicely.. the feel gooders with houses in nob hill.. have their banquets and there runs and big events. The people are still dead. and none is going to get cured. Those afraid will take cocktails of dangerous drugs from doctors with egos as big as there salaries... but know less than the patient. The patient will get as strange colour and thick necks and a rotting soul and a few more years. Regardless or what the merchants of drugs and their profiting from non profit will tell you. The epidemic is over. The friends are dead. And we are not.