Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trouble Tuesday Thanksgiving Thursday

Byron miscalculated the multiplication of threes in his first ever deep fryed turkey for him and me and every body i know's memory. Thanksgiving dinner at Tuesday Tatoo on Judah with Guilletta's Trouble Coffee next door. She is pregnant with Twins. Byron the best dad and father as well as best friend and lover to G, my friends. Due in late April, she asked me to be Godfather.I said yes. The Turkey was late, but killer good. Lots of people eating thanksgiving at a Grant Wood long plaid table. Pumpkin and apple pies there amongst chocolate cake and people i dont know, a couple more of them i know now. it was nice. a post-modern thanksgiving. with old traditions and new inventions, we make a loving and sturdy home. hope your thanksgiving was a good one. Amen