Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grateful pilgrim Thanks

i am thankful this holiday that; i am not insane. Well, not that much insane. Thankful that Pleasant Ann is well and happy with Sphinxy the new kitty. Thankful that Kimmberly is drawing some fine drawings. That Ken is moving out of the Cave and into Cyclone. This will be good for his emotional health. Thankful for Barack OBAMA is our new president. My measured health is good. Grateful for the chance to make good with some of the wreckage of my past. Thankful for cats and nature. The weather Tao entails. I am grateful for Anna's hair and general good will. Thankful for all our Armed Forces serving a difficult at times thankless task. Thanks to the ice cream cone last night and the girl with the nice ass getting off the train this morning. All the souls that continue to be creative and productive and positive and loving. Most of all: thanks to the God of Elijah for kicking me in the head
from time to time. I still don't get the punch line to her joke but maybe some day. Perhaps . Amen