Monday, April 24, 2023

good morning Wednesday

Good morning Wednesday chase the rain in the cold up the hill please. The dumb is yet to become reality. Good morning Wednesday. 


Ralph Stanley and Patty Loveless - Pretty Polly

it's a mod Monday

poppies California poppies.
The hummingbirds are back and the Sun wants to come back wants to but not so much today here on Gower speedway


Tuesday, April 11, 2023

well Google does pay for it.

The book this page is what I mean. It's not a book it's it's actually a blog blog but we've always really didn't like that name because it's something that Junior high School boy would say.
But I got to unnoticed that a post I did the second year of Obama administration was flagged for some reason they're just put behind a warning because I don't know maybe either they don't like me criticizing Obama you should read the post. Or, I just cussed too much.
And these are French lavender and they're blooming cuz it's springtime say that very softly