Thursday, November 03, 2022

in Mass no titles today

the day after the Day of the Dead November 3rd 2022

I made a shrine with my dad of course with Freya and Francis. Missy and Simba and Munster and rascal and all the other cats that I've lost. Least not in least Lug nut.
Doug Tipton my buddy. Nini and smudgy, more than not I live around a crowd of ghosts but I like it there anyway
Winter is coming she's got her foot in the door already. 


Halloween weekend 2022

They say that the veil is thin I wonder who they is.? The witches I know that who they be. I've known this before and I've tested two my own occasional discomfort but I do that here I am there you are. 
When I do know is no one will ever read this. Whether I care or not it's not really important I guess a documentation of some kind of ridiculousness is in order or disorder.