Sunday, May 16, 2021

I once had a dog that look like this

siddartha srolls the end of summer alley ways ... o the suffering through time and .. well ? might not succeed. 
 To realize I am. Where's my kitty from heaven he came from heaven and now we went back suddenly and I don't even he's okay he's back with his he's back in heaven happy ...
Blessed to know I'm blessed at the same time to be tormented. Simultaneous contrast is the rule. Irony is the way.
As with democracy American democracy now dead. Likewise poetry and all fine arts seemed carcasses fragments junk dumpster dives. I live day-to-day take care I am the caretaker.


The God of my misunderstanding

I don't pretend to know what God wants.
I do know that I'm being looked after by spiritual agencies in spite of their best efforts I'm kind of a hard case but thank you. I don't pretend to comprehend at all. everybody that I read I speak to me whether it's scriptures or Shakespeare or Beowulf or Sunshine through ice.

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