Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The wise can be old

No other blue blinds me as the reflected sky off the Grey November

Monday, November 29, 2010

No fare for the ferryman

Across the river Styx i will wait in vain. No pennys for my eyes.
My only mantra regret.
A life adrift with a sailless song

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I do not know where this Image came from , but i love it. Thanks and credit to the photographer!

I give Thanks for Pleasant,Tab,Nini, Squinxee and Bella! ( my wife/girlfriend buddy that is in Nantucket right now, and my cats)
Thanks for all the people that i love and like.
Thanks for all the Servicemen and Woman Everywhere!
Thanks for AA for me being sober ( coming on Seven years)
And my family
and everybody else!
Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 21, 2010

self portrait/ American Gothic oil on canvas 3.5x2.5' collection of Jeff Parker

i made this at my Mom's House during a relapse. I think i was high at the time. sometime during Christmas time 2001? or was it 2000

Bella the Hellion Kitty

more drawings

Hat. oil on canvas 18x24' collection of Skellramics

Dog 4 by 5 feet charcoal; property of Annette kerns

Mask; whereabouts unknown

also out front on Illinois Street at Cyclone before the Bridge

Boy and God

did this in the parking lot of cyclone years ago

Saturday, November 06, 2010

self portrait 1988 oil/canvas 18x24

collection of the artist
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a clown 2003 20x14" oil on canvas

collection of Katzen (Austin,Texas)
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a funeral clown 2004 oil on canvas unstretched

collection of Thadd Mcguade : in honor of his father
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\clown oil on canvas 20x24 2003

collection of Kevin clark
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girl acrylic/canvas 18x24" 2004

collection of Saida Durkee
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Blue clown 3x 4 feet oil on canvas

collection of Micheal Scambellone
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clown 18x24" acrylic/canvas

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Death askes for a cigerrette

oil,acrylic on canvas 16x22" Collection of Ken Boes
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Untitled/wherebouts unkown oil on canvas 4x3'

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Self Portrait as Priest/clown

Acrylic/canvas 3x3.5 feet Property of Amy Kelly
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KIL IL 14x20" acrylic/canvas property of Margeret Cho

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nude" charcoal/paper

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Nude charcoal/paper

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Mao Tse Tung " Oil on canvas 4x3 feet

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Top half of: Artist in his studio 1988

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bottom half of : ' an artist in his studio/ oil on canvas, 6x 4 feet
property of Cyclone Warehouse
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drawing of an old man

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shaman painting 2000

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