Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Obama: No Hope?

We were all so proud, all so happy. With the lines running around the block. The people on Election day standing in line with glee and community.
The People: " we People!' the same as died in the Twin Towers, that screamed and bitched through the Bush years,all the Constitutional Hell
We Elected our President!
now what do we say.. besides " W.T.F.?'' over?

is he Cheney's illegitimate child?
has he been taken by the Body Snatchers?
has he been told by the Illuminate what to do , " or else?'
Did he get bought by BP and the oil Monguls ?
or, was he always full of shit? and not up to the Task?

I believe he was sincere, and full of hope and vigor. I have no money but i gave him some. I was so Proud. I wanted America Back. Back from the Self righteous Fat White Male Murders. Who sent our boys to war for profits. using the most dearest and Sacred of American Pride to sell the Agenda. Now here we are again. Has any thing changed?
What was that Health care Fiasco? What about Gitmo? Iraq? Patriot act? The Deficit? The Border? our Jobs? Detroit? Saint Louis? The Gulf?

The Gulf happened because of a Corrupt oil drilling Regulatory Administration left over from the Bush years or before.
Obama did not fix it or change it. It is his fault. Especially because he has done nothing since but talk and give BP an hand job under the table.

I am so disappointed.
He had the Momentum
He had the country
He had the moment. To give the country New direction and Vitality. A WAR of Cause , against a common enemy! corruption of the heart. corruption of Ideals and Principles .
Corruption of God.

an he blew it.