Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Monday


In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called for the forming of "The International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment:"

“Every academic discipline has its technical nomenclature. You who are in the field of psychology have given us a great word. It is the word maladjusted…But…there are some things in our society, some things in our world, to which we should never be adjusted. There are some things concerning which we must always be maladjusted if we are to be people of good will. We must never adjust ourselves to racial discrimination and racial segregation. We must never adjust ourselves to religious bigotry. We must never adjust ourselves to economic conditions that take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few. We must never adjust ourselves to the madness of militarism, and the self-defeating effects of physical violence."

taken from Upaya Newsletter; Roshi Joan HalifaxPEOPLE: MARTIN LUTHER KING


Saturday, January 17, 2009

The World's best paint job

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The World's Smallest Potato !

My cat is a Nazi !

' Albiet Mahkt Frei ! '

`? 0oie ! '

punk rock will never die !

A clown

Yes. I am a scary clown.

Epiphany Eulogy

nice is the weather now. Beautiful is the walking within the warm breeze and the short raked sun hinting of Spring. I hope the cherry blossoms don't get fooled. Poetry is a listeners art. For self proclamed Poets of thier own mind are the worst of God's Primates. From a chair top view , o' ! What a life i've lived! !" Though what is Woe that boils my blood. And rots the planks of affinity that shores my way over the River Styx

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 a stitch in Time.

It's going to be a great year, but not for some. Don't buy the Hype of Fear. It's a good day he you make it. It's a good economy he you make it. It's a good Year he you make it. Go out and make sometimig! Make sometimig good. Make America good. Make yourself good. Create now not with demise, but with fierce defiance the gloom and the Carpetbagger mind of fear marketing. You have Faith in God do you not? ! Then ACT LIKE IT! Love too all God's elect . Amen