Saturday, May 14, 2005

dirtzoo: El mirage land speed trails tommorrow! Update! 5/17/2011

dirtzoo 's first blog! i am not even sure how it works but we will figure it out as we go!
we are going out to El Mirage for the first land speed trials of the season . we missed today , but we will be out there first thing in the morning... so get back to us tommorrow night for the low down on the supper fast gearhead action!
this photos is from the NHRA Museum in Pomona, It is a Historic and great place to go if you like the Salt.
( the original photo was removed by an " Administrator" wtf? )
i will repost the original when i find it in my archives.
I went out to El Mirage this past weekend -
and? well. it was fucked because i am/.
I got a speeding ticket 69 i a 55 ( i have not had a speeding ticket in six years or more.)
AND what is worse , I did not get into the the Park cause i only had 11 dollars on me and it costs 15$ !
I am stupid. I forgot. forgot my $ card too.
I vow to correct this! and fight the ticket
! ( you have to ) you pay one way or the other , and if the officer does not show up then you win!
later Race Fans!